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7 Ways to Prevent Falls in Your Home

Checking your home for hazards can make a huge impact in reducing your risk of falls and making day to day life easier and safer. Here’s our 7 top tips on preventing falls in your home environment:

1. Remove clutter such as small furniture, newspapers and boxes – particularly from stairs and walkways.
2. Have good lighting. Use night lights in your bedroom, hallway and bathroom. Movement sensor lights can be really useful. Keep torches in easy to access places in case of a power cut.
3. Clean up any spills of liquids or food straight away to avoid slips and trips.
4. Keep electrical cables away from walkways and arrange electrical appliances close to the socket to reduce trailing cables.
5. Remove loose rugs or mats.
6. Store frequently used items in easy to reach places.
7. Install grab bars – for example in the bathroom to assist with getting on and off the toilet or when getting in and out the bath/shower. Also consider having a handrail for both sides of the stairs.

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