Care Services

Our care services allow clients to have their physical and social needs met by trained professionals. Our GP led care team with their extensive training in health and social needs are able to provide an exceptionally high standard of care. Whether the individual's needs are temporary due to recovery from a recent surgery or hospital admission or long term with complex medical and social needs, our team are able to provide a friendly and bespoke service. We treat each client as an individual with dignity and respect. By considering our client’s social and health needs and through liaising with other professionals, such as a GP and community specialist nursing teams, we ensure a truly holistic approach.

With our team’s medical training and access to specialist resources and clinical support, we can ensure close clinical monitoring if the health of you or your loved ones’ declines and requires input by the GP or the emergency services. This helps in reducing the chance of progression of an illness with prompt treatment, ensuring healthy and independent individuals supported in their own homes.

Our care services include:

Personal care
Help to get out of bed, washed and dressed
Helping to bathe or shower and to get into bed
Prompt with medications
Skin integrity support
Continence support
Overnight care
Convalescence care
24-hour care
Emergency care

Please contact us to find out more about our full range of services.

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