Our Story

Michelle Delaney and Dr Goodarzi have been working together for a number of years at a local care home. Michelle as the manager and Dr Goodarzi as the GP providing the healthcare provision for the residents. They have frequently been witnessed to circumstances where the gap between health and social care has been too wide and hence been frustrated by their limited control in being able to address this. This is what has led them to Nested Support. Together with their vision of excellence in what can be achieved in health and social care and their focus on values, compassion and outstanding service they have set up Nested Support with an exceptionally high standard. Their aim is to provide a set of truly holistic services tailor-made and bespoke around each individual’s needs.

Our Approach

Education and new standards

Through a number of approaches, we ensure our team are well educated in a range of clinical areas including disease-specific conditions, acute ailments, dementia, end of life care and cancer, amongst many others. Whilst all staff will be continuously trained and updated, through regular supervisions and appraisals, ongoing training will be tailored for each care assistant around the needs of the client they are looking after. This ensures that the training is not generic and focussed. Furthermore, a broad range of delivery and approaches including personal portfolios, online training, local and national resources are used to ensure that all of our staff have a comprehensive, up to date and in-depth knowledge of health and social care.

Our team are trained and educated well above the national requirements and thus able to confidently meet the needs of each individual be it social or health-related.

Communication and responsive

In investing in the latest technologies and advances we at Nested Support have access to a number of measures which not only allows our staff to provide a range of outstanding services but we are also able to measure and monitor this. Furthermore, we are also able to give our clients and their loved one’s access to some of these technologies to ensure they are involved in this process if they wish. Through this and other measures, we also ensure constant communication between other community professionals involved with our clients care as well.

Using a variety of platforms Nested Support regularly seeks feedback from its staff, community professionals, clients and their loved ones. This is another measure of ensuring clear channels of communication and these feedbacks form the direction of travel of the company and ensure we keep our services responsive and person-centred.

Coordinated Care and Innovation

At Nested Support we establish close relationships with our clients, regularly assessing their needs and work closely with other professionals involved in their care. As such this puts us in a privileged position in being able to not only have an overview of all their needs but also with their consent to work collaboratively with all the other professionals involved in their care. This enables us to proactively seek pragmatic measures within Nested Support and input from other professionals to help improve the care for our clients.

Using national proven models of co-ordinated care commonly used within the healthcare sector, we are able to proactively address all of our client’s needs instead of working reactively when their needs increase acutely. Through these measures, working with local authorities and clinical commissioning groups and keeping abreast of medical and technological advances we are able to establish new and innovative care pathways.