Healthy and independent life in your own home.

Each bespoke tailored package of service is overseen by a GP and a GP visit is offered to explore the individual’s health needs as well as their social needs. Through close collaboration with local community teams, we are able to ensure all your needs are met and you can continue to live a healthy, happy and fulfilled life in your own home.


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Daily Care Visit (post CQC)

At Nested Support, we offer Daily Care Visits to our clients, providing them with a reliable service that fits their medical and health needs at a time that is suited to them. This consists of one of our care assistants visiting at specific times of the day and assisting with everyday tasks; getting the individual out of bed, helping them to get cleaned and dressed, making meals and assisting with eating, giving them their medication at the appropriate times, and then putting them to bed at the end of the day. With our Daily Care Visits, we aim to give our customers a happy lifestyle by assisting them with chores that they will have difficulty accomplishing.

Respite care (post CQC)

We are very much aware that looking after our loved ones can be rather stressful at times. Luckily, at Nested Support, we lend a helping hand in taking the burden of caring for your loved one off your hands with Respite Care. This is a service where you are allowed to take a rest from looking after your relative, whilst one of our fully trained care assistants visits your home and takes care of the relative in your place. Our main priority is ensuring that you and your relatives are in excellent health, and we are more than happy to lend you our support if necessary.

Live in care (post CQC)

In addition to our Daily Visit Support, we also offer Live in care visits for our customers. This involves permanent support in your own home, where a trained care assistant is there for the entirety of the day helping out in everyday chores, such as cooking, cleaning, as well an offering you support and care as needed. This continuous service not only provides the user with one to one support on how to undertake tasks in their home, but it greatly improves their independence and provides them with essential companionship from one of our team members at a time. This service is usually shared between two care assistants to ensure continuity of care for you during periods of leave and to mitigate for episodes of unplanned leave such as sickness.